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Register & Pay

Congratulations on Making your SBA Team!

We are very excited for the upcoming season. 

Just a few quick items to take care of and we will be on our way!


All athletes MUST complete the player information form and sign the waivers to partipate in games.
Did you submit your Player's Information and Waiver Forms prior to tryouts?  If not,  please do so now.


All athletes MUST have a current AAU card in order to participate in SBA games. 

To register with AAU and get a Membership #, click here

Be sure to write down your AAU # as it is required at the time of payment.

Pay your Team & Uniform Fees. You can pay the whole amount upfront, or use our payment plan
to make one payment by December 1 and another by December 15.
Simply click on the desired option below and add it to your cart for online payment.
Please note: AAU # is required to complete payment.